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Meet the makers


Good partners are the pillars of our business, and especially the great people who passionately put so much hard work & care into handcrafting every VOLOQ goods.

We are proud supporter of “MAKE IN INDIA” policy & are registered with “STARTUP INDIA”; as we believe that with such a vast talent pool of people who are available locally; it is more viable to look inwards than outwards for meeting our requirement of producing top quality products at competitive commercials. To channelize this pool of people; is just a matter of providing them the means & resources while keeping confidence in them to deliver; which they do it better than anyone else. Ultimately, INDIAN production results in both a superior quality product and minimal ecological footprint.

Road to accomplish a larger vision, lies in inclusiveness & sharing with the people. It includes people associated with every aspect of our product; right from the farmers who grow the cotton crops, the drivers who transport goods, to people who make the product; our employees and customers. We want to make certain a positive impact for the people we depend on and those who depend on us in return.


We practise & believe that everyone associated with product supply chain should be treated with respect and dignity.
Everybody should be earning a fair wage.
We want to create a modern and robust production line locally in INDIA; with an aim to provide safe & steady employment, nurture talent & skills, strengthen their voices & make them self-reliant.


It is our duty to provide the valued customer the VOLOQ products which are produced through a process which is in a legally & socially responsible manner.
We make sure that all our production process adheres a strict standards which includes prohibitions on child labour, forced labour, treating works with respect and fair wages; having safe & secure work place with proper ventilation, emergency apparatus such as fire extinguishers etc.
All our bags are sweatshop-free. We visit each & every work place for random checks for proper working conditions & work style & environment of our karigars

We continue to look out for able talented new karigars (hand craftsmen) who can help us produce diverse collection of VOLOQ bags which follows our Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Lifestyle.


Demand & Supply chain is controlled by both the producers of good & the consumers.
At VOLOQ we always believe in being as transparent to the consumer; so that he can be in a position to make a conscious & educated decision between multiple choices of products.
From a broader perspective, we urge you to take into consideration the impacts that your purchases have on the society and the environment.
Identify the unseen costs of the "non-tangible" aspects such as human and animal suffering behind the products you support. Thank you for choosing wisely.