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About Us


‘VOLOQ’ is a start-up attempt to make a lifestyle brand, which focusses on eco-friendly yet stylish & affordable product line; which are designed for millennials & gen-X, made 100% in INDIA & delivered across the world.


Cosmopolitan. Classics. Environmental


As modern day working professional, we have endless styling options for corporate office attire but for office bags, most of us out of “NO ALTERNATIVE” choose either a Polyester backpack or an expensive Leather/Rexene bag.

Issue with Polyester & Leather bags is that, apart from being harmful and cruel to environment in worst possible ways, they are ill-designed for new-age devices and not fashioned for the rigors of fast paced life.

I felt that for the new generation young Indian; educated, well-travelled, aspirant and fashion conscious, the need of rich quality alternative fashion lifestyle products which can convey their energy & status should be addressed.

As wise men say “History has all the Answers”, I researched and through a friends suggestion, found that wax coated “Canvas Sacks” ticked most of the boxes of being tough, water-repellent, classy, long lasting, easy to use & procure and most importantly environmental and recyclable. It thus became our base alternative material on which brand VOLOQ was envisioned; with highly functional designed range of styled eco-friendly products.


Combination of formal earthen colours, durable eco-friendly material & subtle design, makes VOLOQ products suit the stage where simplistic style and skilled sophistication surpasses loud flashy trends

The hallmark of our products is that they are hand-crafted to attain a fine balance of high utility, environmental sustainability & elegant styling for both men & women with contemporary urban lifestyle.

95% of our raw material i.e. canvas, pure cotton lining, vegan (non-animal) leather, metal accessories (OEKO-TEX certified) are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. The heavy duty canvas made from the finest Indian cotton, is azo-free (lead free) dyed and waxed giving the much needed toughness, resilience and water-repellency to the every VOLOQ product.

We spend time with our team of talented local craftsmen to ensure all our designs are to perfection. Process of making is entirely handcrafted, leading to almost negligible carbon footprints. Our designs are focused for utmost utility of new age devices and needs of a modern global urban professional.

VOLOQ goods along with its customized / personalized monogram ID luggage tags for customer serve their purpose of style and value gracefully for years.


Mohit Kuvadia, an IT engineer from Mumbai; who unlike his peers didn’t take the usual MS or MBA route to USA; but rather put the lesson of “Dhandho” which he learnt from his grandfather to task. After 6+ years of professional experience in handling Digital Marketing & Sales for biggest of consumer products brand in India, he bootstrapped VOLOQ from a rented office space exactly opposite his engineering college; which he thinks has been the biggest influence on his life. His idea behind VOLOQ is to present intelligently designed yet stylish & affordable eco-friendly lifestyle products from India to the world market.


Founded in 2017 in Mumbai, where everyone is constantly on the move and everything needs to serve a purpose (or even better multiple purposes). What we wear and carry has to hold up to the rigors of the city’s fast paced life.

Merging the elegance of Bombay with the energy of Mumbai we have tried to accomplish the classical yet modern way in our working. Apart from shipping internationally we are global in a way that VOLOQ bags & accessories are designed to sustain effectively in any type of world environment. We source and produce every part and accessory that goes in our product locally; thus maximizing support for local craftsmen, suppliers and dealers whilst contributing our bit to our motherland INDIA and also extending support to the governments “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative.

Our endeavour is to “make it simple yet significant”.